Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunburned Umbrellas

At the beach, it's hard work keeping the salt and sand out of the umbrellas. Luckily, our correspondents used plenty of sunscreen to hunt the lip umbrellas shading those sunburned lips.
This installment features special guest correspondents and a most glorious feature, a behind the scene look at the hunt of the umbrellas.

"Do You Have The Time" Umbrella

Fiesta On The Beach Umbrella

Teaching Them To Hunt Young Stache

Tilt A Whirl Brella
*Special guest Correspondent: Correspondent Scratch and Sniff*

Fruity Drink Umbrella Ella Ella

Sand In My Chest Hair Stache

And now, a special installment.
It's the how-to of hunting.

First, casually follow:
Close in:
And chase:
Chase harder and faster:
And, enjoy your rewards
Frigid Waters Umbrella

iPhone Stache

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Brandi said...

Freakin Hilarious!