Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Main Stache

What to do when the man you love sports the newest brella ella? You hunt him down of course! (Shout out to Special Agents Sunny & Mike!!!!!)

Flea Market Finds

Our correspondents ventured out to the Big Flea Market. Little did they know, along with all the good deals, there were Mustaches galore!

Mink Stache

Shutter Stache

Scottie Stache

Striped Umbrella

Double Trouble: Mullet Brella

Candlestick Stache

Sunglass Stache

SuperSize Me Umbrella

Fonzie Umbrella

DoRag Umbrella

Bluetooth Brella

Audubon Umbrella

Finger Stache

Studious Stache

Battle Axe Stache

Sweet 'Stache and Fanny Pack

Bespectacled Stache

Return Offender Stache!! *see below**

What are the chances?!? We found this furry Umbrella
about two months ago antique shopping in Warrenton! SCORE!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Umbrellas About Town

Recently, our corespondents have found the lip warmers in several different settings:

*The Local Pool Hall*
Ain't Nothin' But A Chicken Wing

*U.S. Arboretum*
Mr. Miyagi Umbrellas

*The Frost Diner*
Umbrella Over Easy

*The Mexican Restaurant*
Chips and Brellas