Sunday, April 27, 2008

wino umbrellas

as vino curioso wine factory grows, the more wine festivals we get to go to!  oddly enough, not many winos sport the lip umbrella.  (could it be the bristles get in the way of a good tasting?)  even so....we have been able to capture a few.  thanks to our new correspondents laura ann, and the wine guys, mike and mike for helping capture these fine specimens.  
(ps - i apologize for the poor quality of the photos)

the wine-stays-in-my-stache-for-later umbrella

yum, this is good stache

i'm a pirate in disguise umbrella.  argg!

more wine please, umbrella

scary security guy stache

Friday, April 18, 2008

This Place Smells Like A Zoo

Everyone loves the seal exhibit at the National Zoo, especially our lip umbrellas. Sadly, this stacher was disappointed and flat out angry that the Stache Exhibit was currently under construction. Thankfully, he had his faithful videographer on hand to document the atrocity.