Sunday, December 30, 2007

Umbrella Love

One of our roving corespondents broke one of the cardinal rules of Umbrella Hunting...asking the Umbrella to pose with the hunter for the purpose of the documentary. This excursion was close to her heart, when the hunter realized her loved ones were Umbrella fans so much so--that they grew one themselves.


Down in Dixie-Brella

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Nation's Capital's Proudest

An excursion to our nation's capital produced both local and tourist varieties of the lip umbrella. Most were walking blindly around town, visiting various museums and exhibitions. Some even dared to take photographs or videos, even with the hairy bristle protruding from their upper lip, blocking that perfect shot.

Wishing He Was Secret Service Stache

Not From This Place Umbrella

Corcoran Line Is Too Long Stache

Mustard On My Umbrella

Turner, Not Hooch Stache

White House Stache Watchers

Grandpapa Umbrella

Teal Button Umbrella

.... And Over Here Is The Washington Monument Umbrella.....

Grab That Cab Stache

Storytime Stache

Minding My Business On The Bench Umbrella

Hot Diggity Dog Umbrella

Dinner Stache

I Love This Hat Umbrella

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Doc-In-A-Box Umbrella

The Doc-In-A-Box made a rare appearance far away from his little box in the quaint town. His umbrella is hoping for an appearance at an AA meeting sometime soon.

Monday, December 10, 2007


While out hookah-ing it up, our local correspondent Miss Merical struck a pose with a fellow hookah lover.  Nice blow Merical.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Thanks to our dear friend, who sponsored a trip to the Dominican Republic for her wedding. This gave our roving reporters an opportunity to catch some Lip Umbrellas abroad. Our traveling corespondents were thrilled to learn that all-inclusive resorts are a breeding ground for the middle-aged Lip Umbrella. These Lip Umbrella were often complemented with a smart-looking Hawaiian shirt or short.

Wipe-the-crumbs-off-your-Umbrella, UmbrellaDining Umbrella
Slumbering Umbrella
Just a-waitin' Umbrella
Blending in with the foliage Umbrella
Baseball cap shaded Umbrella


DOH! Umbrella
Sneak-attack Stash
Lizard admirer Umbrella
Black Sheep Umbrella
What 'chu you lookin' at? Umbrella
The hair has traveled up his chest to his lip, Umbrella
Handlebars and Ponytails
Suntanning Umbrella
Hawaiian Tropic Umbrella
Breezeway Umbrella
(aka: haven't these bitches taken my picture already? Umbrella)
In-a-hurry-so-it's-blurry Umbrella