Monday, October 13, 2008

NYC 2008 Continued...

Hopefully, better late than never applies here as we continue to post the pictures of the journey of three corespondents to NYC in 2008.

Do you think pizza sauce will get stuck in my moostache Umbrella

Ruffino's (not Suzette) Umbrella

Scaffolding Umbrella

Joey Tribianni's How-you-doin'Umbrella

Clam Bar Umbrella

She's pregnant--what's your excuse Umbrella

Oblivious Umbrella

How much Umbrella

Gregory's umbrella

I'm gonna smile in case I'm in the picture Umbrella

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festival Umbrellas

Our Correspondents were out this lovely weekend at their fair city's Fall Festival.  Umbrella's we're abundant, but on the move.  It was a challenge capturing them.  Here are a few we were able to bag....

my head shines just like my badge stache

don't bother me, i'm on the phone stache

sharp stache

yes, i love the redskins stache